Friday, 27 July 2012

One More Sleep

All going well!

I spoke with Chuggy today by Iridium phone and all systems are go - well except for the GPS or instruments and the previously mentioned Sat Phone - but they are pressing on regardless navigating via Google Earth on an iPhone!

They have been a little hard on sails this last half too but they think, at their current bleed rate that they should have just enough spinnakers left to get them home.

Chuggy reports beautiful sailing conditions out on the peaceful Pacific this afternoon.  The sun is out - and it hasn't been that sunny, they have about 15 knots of wind and are on a track directly to the finish line.

Chuggy reports making one more short foray north (doesn't appear on the tracker) that it turns out was not the best idea and cost them some distance over the last 24 hours.

With the pressure off they are enjoying the sail but still plan to keep there foot down for their last night at sea.

So it is fitting that we feature Warrior Crewman and Owner Chuggy as we come down to the wire:

Here is a picture of the man who makes it all happen (maybe I should have a picture of Helen up here too!).  You go like Hell Chuggy!

Not quite in line with the estimate on the Pacific Cup Website I have our team arriving in Kaneohe a couple of hours earlier, just after lunch tomorrow - around 1330 HST.

I spoke with Liisa (Mrs. Fox) and if hers is any indication I would say there will be a happy arrival party shared by all.  And speaking of that Hammer reminds the crew to wash the Raccoon!  

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  1. The Cutler ladies are leaving Waikiki first thing tomorrow to join the welcoming party already in Kaneohe. We have had a couple great days. Erin is a great surfer but a little pink...she needs out of the office more. Go boys go!!!