Friday, 20 July 2012

On the race track and making tracks!

Well I have no report yet but as can be plainly seen from the Pac Cup Race Tracker Thursday starters have burst upon the race course with considerable vigour - unlike earlier starters who are even now falling into the sights of the Class E boats.

Cap't No Expense Spared added a new Imarsat Satelittle Transceiver for the race.  This impressive piece of yachting excess allows the Warrior crew to access the Internet as well as e-mail, weather fax and GRIB files downloads.

As you might notice the tracker information is delayed by 4 hours so that it does not become a tactical weapon amongst the boats at sea.  This is a bit odd however because, this year, boats racing are specifically precluded from accessing the Pac Cup Tracker.  The primary reason Cap't NES installed the Satellite Internet facility was to access the Pac Cup Tracker onboard - but now he can't!

Warrior is making impressive tracks right out of the gate.  It looks to me like they made about 145 miles straight down the track by roll call at 0800 this morning.  About an 8 knots average speed so not bad for an abbreviated first day!

Suffering from the light winds that plagued the fleets earlier starters less than 100 miles straight ahead is fellow Canudian, Victoria's John Denny and crew on the Hobie 33 Por Favour.

Elsewhere in the news Nanaimo Yacht Club members Tim Daniel and his young son Ben finished the Vic Maui Race on David Ratner's, Vancouver BC based, SC50.  Their finish time was slightly less than 13 days.  There was a problem at the start for them but knowing how great the finish can be I'm pretty sure that is long forgotten.  According to the Vic Maui Website they were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise finish!  The Warrior crew salutes our fellows on Incantation for a successful crossing!

You might have noticed however that Warrior are slightly behind the class of the division.  Don't worry this was a part of the plan to lull the others into a false sense of confidence and then strike later on down the course!

Your correspondent is taking this blog to "the islands" - Gulf that is - to immerse myself and report with a proper sense of the sea.  I'll be back in the offices of Warrior World Headquarters on Monday.  I plan to make updates where possible while away.

So stay tuned and you will learn more as soon as I do - or maybe I'll just make some stuff up as inspiration moves me!

Cap't Billy 

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