Monday, 23 July 2012

It's hard to keep up!

Here I am at still two messages behind.

The last Message from onboard would seem to indicate a bit of a calmer day at sea - and good news since the crew were all a bit worn out after Saturday.

This message was received her this morning and reports sailing with the Code Zero and Genoa Staysail "which is proving fast and forgiving"

Doug Backhouse aka Barkmulch, MacArthur, Snoop Doggie Barkmulch or just DCB - featured Crewman - sounding for all the world like a SoCal sailor complains it has not really been warm enough to all sit around and enjoy happy hour.  I guess our local Southern Straits Race has lost DCB for ever!

It looks good for Warrior to enter the second half of their race sometime overnight and preparations are are ready in play for the half way celebration.

Doug says it seems to be going fast and sounds nostalgic for those extra 4 days he and Chuggy enjoyed just getting clear of the Channel Islands in last years Transpac!

Helen, Chuggy wants to arrange for some Sat Phone Sex with you after he gets off watch - a new twist on an old game and just another of the marvels of new technology.

I wonder was I supposed to report that bit?  Well anyway it should be intimate with 4 other sweaty sailors there onboard within earshot and offering advice!

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