Thursday, 26 July 2012

Narrowing in on the finish

Doug called on the Iridium Phone to let me know that Chuggy and Helen burned out the Sat Phone during their last "conversation" (refer to previous Blog post).  The Iridium Phone makes the user sound blurred, like he is about 4 Mai Tais into a 2 Mai Tai Happy Hour - but I am assured that was not the case.

The conversation was comical and went something like this:

DCB:  "I'm standing in the companionway hatch facing aft and it is just a firehose going on behind my back all the time."

Chuggy (overheard):  "Come on out into the cockpit  you get better reception"

The Dessert Fox (overheard):  Get back down below we are down to our last phone!"

While the crew onboard will be able to call in their daily positions uunfortunately the loss of the sat Phone means that we will not have anymore e-mail messages from the boat.  So now, with whatever I can glean from the web, I will just make stuff up!

Doug reports that they have learned a ton about sailing the new boat since they departed San Francisco a short week ago.  We should be reminded that all going according to predictions this crossing will be three days faster than any others we have made by our team.

Our people do have to acknowledge the crew of the other J125 Double Trouble.  Nevermind the schooling they have handed us they are out there making things darn uncomfortable for Icon - who is rated to finish 43 hours, or something like 500 miles ahead!  The last few days Double Trouble has actually taken distance back from Icon and narrowed the lead down to only 40 miles at one point.  Were it not for, what appears on the tracker, as an ill advised jibe into a lift and then back they looked to have had a real shot at line honours!

Today's featured Crew is Roscoe:

"That Rascal" is the Elder Statesman on board.  He has the most sea miles and a lot of enthusiasm for sailing on the ocean.  Roscoe is also the driving force for getting projects completed on the boat.

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