Monday, 23 July 2012

Is there a Righty in the Nighty?

To your correspondent the conditions look great out there!

While they are preparing for night 5 at sea we are featuring crewmember Evil:

There is a great long story about just the naming but you will have to buy my coffee table book to learn it.  What I can say is that when it comes to sailing Evil is a great waterskiier!  This is Evil's second Hawaii race.

Not to mention its usefulness in familial relations (nothing new to report on that front) the Sat Phone also sends us pictures from the edge and here is a fresh one:

It sounds like they are getting dialed in now and "having a great time".  The crew report that the new boat likes a lot of attention to keep it pointing down the track but it is within the scope of their ability.

To your correspondent current weather information seems to suggest a rightening (that is my own word) of the wind ahead which could present a tactical opportunity if prosecuted correctly.  If it happens lets hope our home team gets on the correct side of it.

They are running their A2 and Spinnaker Staysail presently in 15 to 22 knots TWS.  16 to 18 knots of boatspeed is considered routine but speeds in excess of 20 knots captures everyones attention a little more fully.  No one on deck wants to bear the brunt of an angry off watch crew who without warning got flipped out of his rack by a lttle round up!

Chuggy has taken to flavouring the water made onboard with a synthetic plastic taste.  Everyone loves it!  Why do they love Happy Hours so much?  Maybe now that riddle is solved!

I remember how it feels out there and especially this next part: the crew are all sending warm wishes back to their loved ones at home.

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