Saturday, 21 July 2012

Captains Blog Stardate 20120721

There is no need for concern - is there?

Overnight I notice that Chug Man of War and Snoop Doggie Barkmulch (can you recognise Hammer's vernacular in this post?) have fallen another 13 miles behind in their no excuses division of two.  But cheer up the other, equally rated J125 Double Trouble has run off to what appears the favoured south as well.  Warrior has them right where Double Trouble wants to be!

The good news is that the Santa Cruz contingent have not so far proven to be much of a difficulty.

I received this message from the boat last night:

>>>>>Hard at work we are taking a few minutes to remember the achievements
of a hard day. We have gone back to the jib and are making good pace
down the track. Our plan is to keep the averages above ten knots
(which seems fast except when it is compared to just about everyone
else in our division.

We have affected some watermaker repairs and that seems to be working
just fine now and we have stopped a couple of leaks in and around the
rudder post.
Its all good.

I am assuming they mean kelp cutter leaks around the rudder and so I am not concerned.  You will recall the consternation when they got too much polysulfide around the cutter - they couldn't get it in.  My guess is they erred on the side of too little this time.

It came with this picture below:

Now is it just me or does every picture have something to do with relaxing and just plain doggin it?  It is a good thing that Roscoe and Evil continue to carry the mail on deck or they might never get to Hawaii.

If they don't start clawing back on the other J125 we may need to limit the duration or suspend Happy Hour entirely!  I know but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Here is another message from Snoop Doggie on the boat which seems to indicate a passing interest in their racing results:

>>>>>Just a quick note to let you guys know that we have had a good night.
Wind is steady at about 12 knots and we are moving along at about 9 -
12 knots of boatspeed with the main and jib top flying. The boat is
very easy to sail and we have been taking short watches so it is never
too hard. The sea is quite calm from the days of no wind ahead of us
so we don't have very much water on deck either.
We downloaded fresh grib files this morning and seem to like our
location right now. We could see all the boats in our fleet (except
ICON) before the sun when down but I think the big waterline boats
have gotten away from a little bit. Can't just be that though as
Double trouble appears to have put some distance on us too... oh well
we will keep trying to win some of that back when we can.
I am going to keep this short because there is not a really good place
to sit in front of the computer.
Bye for now.

In this message DCB is referring to their first night not last night.

Is there any intelligent life out there?  Certainly none here in onboard the starship LawnDart in the Gulf Islands this morning - it got a bit Hammertime last night.

This is Cap't William T. Blogger Billy with Hammer and Julie Hammer signing off.

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